Public Call is a tutorial to demonstrate how blockchain can be used to share public messages.

This tutorial works on KOVAN test network.

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The Current Message: 


Get Message

The method being invoked to retrieve this message is:

function retrieve() public view returns (string memory){
       return message;
This element has the method instance for calling the Retrieve method.

Create a Message

Here you can create a message, and post it to the blockchain.

But remember, you'll need some KOVAN Test Eth to create a message! (Get some here)

Transaction Hash: ...
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.

The method being invoked as a transaction to store this message is:

function store(string memory _message) public {
       message = _message;
This element has the Method Instance for sending a transaction to the Store method.

How does it work?

To enable Blockchain functionality using DappHero we have attached custom attributes to various HTML elements above.

You will note there are two empty DIV elements above: 


If you open the attribute panel to the right, you will see that these elements are tagged. But there are also a couple other elements that are tagged.

Contract Details

This smart contract is deployed to the KOVAN test network. To access it, you will need to have your MetaMask connected to the Kovan Network.

The contract has been publicly verified and is available at Etherscan. When creating smart-contracts it is also good practice to verify your source code to make it easier for others to interact with your smart contracts.

Contract Source Code:

contract Storage {    

   string message;    

   function store(string memory _message) public {
       message = _message;

   function retrieve() public view returns (string memory){
       return message;

Video walk through:

Learn more at our Docs

Learn more at our Docs, and stay tuned for a tutorial video which walks through the entire process!